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    Almerimar Marine Services S.c.

     Preisgünstiger Bootswerft-Service im Herzen der Costa del Sol


Tel: +34 617 236 563 / 619992520

UK Sailmakers makes some of the most advanced and most durable cruising sails. Have UK Sailmakers make your new suit of sails and your next passage will be safe and fast.

If you are looking for higher performance racing sails, you have come to the right place. UK Sailmakers offers a full range of competitively priced racing sails

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 Sail Construction Methods

MatriX Titanium® Sails

MatriX Titanium® is UK Sailmakers’s highest performance sail construction method and it is now available from any one of UK Sailmakers’s 50 lofts and service centers. These sails are the result of a five-year development program undertaken by the UK Sailmakers loft in southern France. MatriX Titanium sails are the ultimate load path sails.

Tape-Drive® Sails

UK Sailmakers has dedicated over two decades to improving and refining what are now the most durable racing sails on the market - Tape-Drive® sails. The resulting advances in design, construction and materials have made them the versatile choice for both racers and cruisers looking for sails with dramatically extended peak performance life.

Tri-Radial® Sails

The fully articulated panel layout of a tri-radial mainsail rotates the cloth's thread line to match the primary load paths between the three corners of the sail. To accomplish this, tri-radial sails are constructed from many narrow panels, where the thread line of the cloth is parallel to the longest edge of the panel. Laminates with more structural yarns are used in the highly loaded sections of the sail like the leech. To keep the sail as light as possible, laminates with few structural yarns are used in the lower load areas like the luff and the foot.

Dacron Cross-cut Sails

All UK Sailmakers sails are made from 54” panels of material that is broad-seamed together

at a loft to create the desired aerodynamic shape. How those panels are combined and

what reinforcements are added make the UK Sailmakers difference

How a sail is constructed makes a difference. Only two major sailmakers offer high-performance continuous yarn sails and one is UK Sailmakers.

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